you were pushed from behind


I heard in the breathless notch

in your measured words

that catch

in your voice

the tremulous quaver

in your understated stand


I have felt those hands

(haven’t we all)

one knife-wielding

– in word or deed –

while the other lays claim

with eyes or clammy paws

to my plush backside

you are the embodiment

of cultured terror apparent

the carbon dated anguish

etched on your skin

your pain quivers

on articulated tips

of your educated tongue


I jump sky high

elbow cocked in self- defense

it fades yet never ebbs

that stretched rubber band

that inhabits cells

twangs unbidden

and we sproing!

he tantrums

spews vile rhetoric

wields his power

his privilege

in ways she would burn

at stake

were she dare give voice

were she to cry crododile

her ovaries would fry

ahhh those tantrums

we choke down

swallow hot with rancid bile

those that would label

rabid bitch

raving psycho


because well behaved women

may bare our ankles

here in 2018

shoulders even (Oh my!)

but we step NOT

upon the tender toes

of fragile male privilege

under pain of recompense


Horror Shaped Hearts

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down

the bridge stands while humanity has fallen

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Henny Penny as soothsayer

not crier of wolves


I see every detail

the horror paints upon your heart

hear the timbered anxiety

beating staccato in your chest


with every fiber of my being

I long to decapitate the Medusa’d

monstrous hate that breeds

in fear, timorous and treacherous


I swallow the impulse to call you

(to call everyone I’ve loved)

because life is too short, infinitely precious

to swaddle ourselves in resentments


my cells surge with the urge

to suffocate misunderstanding

misguided envy, misbegotten

progeny of deprivation


I remember when holding you gave comfort

until it suffocated you; I long

to keep that promise we didn’t:

never go to sleep angry


my heart shouts in passionate protest

from mountaintops climbed and toppled

of the powerful antidotes

secreted in compassion


I watch you drink your teetotalling cocktail

of angst and agony (shaken, not stirred)

I know you believe, deep in your truest soul

love trumps hate

right now nothing scales the wall

you’ve constructed around your heart

a marbleized monument to your anguish

and my perfidy


in silence, my spirit diffuses

radiating errant tendrils

of hope and harmony

across the globe, in solidarity


across town, in feather whispered remorse

into your dreams