I Knew My Stature

I knew my stature when I was a shrinking violet

wilting wallflower

hangdog hanging in the corner of the gym

stewing in the stench of pubescent sweat

and hurricanic hormonal surges

a bit too fleet of mind

and broad of hip

to be asked to dance.

I knew my stature when I was a shriveling teen

angularly angling

for acceptance in the seat of those size 4 jeans

gaunt of cheek and lean on ease

I nibbled on the knowledge

skinny girls get dated

while I wasted \wishing\ away.

I knew my stature when I was a curvaceous coed

unholstering my sexuality

like the black market weapon it was

filed down and ripe for the bidding

overpowered and unequipped for battled

shooting myself in the foot

greenhorn that I was.

I knew my stature when I was a birthing Bessie

nursing \wet and dry\

bequeather of sustenance and succor

repository of binkies, hugs and tissues

beneath notice as an independent woman

selling my soul for a closed bathroom door.

I knew my stature when I strode that shore

clove in rhythm

with the seething tides

shedding the skin

of a thousand judging serpents

one with the wilding waves

as they sing my siren song.


Sister Salty

I am salt of the earth

caked in tracks of the tears

wept by oceans

upon weary shores.

I am granualized granite

lodged as fungal spores

between the toes

and among the souls

of all who trespass

here. doting dowagers

crinkle their noses wrinkled

when I stick

beyond the brushing off.

I am powdered moondust

residue of a resurrection

silvering towheaded

locks of touted toddlers.

crushed, vaporized

or trod upon

I glitter on

Storming In

I was that storm

that swept through last night

upended your world

unearthing all that was

in my gusting

I ruffled your hair

while riffling unabashedly

the tendrils of your soul

I whirled away

seedlinged doubt

dispersed dusted bunnies

of languishing ennui

I blasted past defenses

left you breathless

quiescent and wasted

in a balmy kind of calm

I poured upon your pores

running rivulets

between your lies

and universal truths

in my deluge

I quenched your thirst

while dousing in perpetuity

all your raging fires

I swirled away

careworn etchings

washed out ill-used notions

of staid propriety

I swamped status quo

left you gasping

engulfed and drifting

in the waves of my wake