my heart was petrified

fossilized remains

of tenderness

turned to stone

under voluminous ash

on sight, you intuited

its squishy loving center

under the calcified layers

I felt a crumpling

beneath the heat-lamp

of the soul in your eyes

I gave a stern warning

to this wayward heart

cracks in ossification

lead to devastation


my heart was petrified

quaking and quivering

while it ping-pong

between twin ghouls

Loneliness and Pretend I’m Okay

Pretend I’m Okay

a stately presence

marched me past you


on her mission

while Loneliness

saw I caught your eye

I delivered a full lecture

abandoning the lectern

pacing, with emphasis

terrors inherent

in this connection apparent


my heart


hopelessly hopeful

failed this course

in self-protection