Confessions of a Self-Flayed Poetressaire

she swirls within the vortex

cyclically cyclonic conundrum

to poetry or not to poetry

her existential dilemma

(deluding herself options remain)

silencing her tap-clacked geyser


gags of bondage long expectorated

torrents of truth

frothing from feverish fingers

quilled in quintessential quandary

each fragmented verse fashioned

from shavings of her soul

sliced from oft-welted skin

trickled in blood-tears

every line, scratched in sanguine salt

excoriates her hide

slashes constructed camouflage

bares sins and viscera

to full examination

pondering preposterous predicament

she slavers symbolic

tears away fear’s membranes

cracks open her sternum

writes out her heart

(photo: unknown)