Honey I’m Home

“How was your day today?”

absent minded perfunctory inquiry


“Pretty good-

Kinda interesting actually.

I was kidnapped by naked

wolf-nymphs and forced

to guzzle moonbeamshine

and write poetry all day.

The tricky part was understanding

their critiques. They only howled

in nymphomaniac”


“That’s nice dear

I’m glad you had a good day.”


Squirrels chitter-glided

corner to corner across

the ceiling

all through dinner

Cuts of Silence

Your silence is serrated.

Blunt, it saws

jagged at my soul’s bones.

It tears through

clumsily knitted over

compound fractures.

Past is severed from

its moorings

while future

is mercilessly maimed.

The muteness

brutally hacks,

dismembering hope.


I am taking correspondence courses

to become a poet-surgeon.

I’m afraid

I’m bleeding out.


Is that quavering in the voice

of the inveterate monster man?

Empathy in his condemnatory speech?

Or cruelly calculated posturing

in furtherance of narcissistic ends?

Is it more terrifying to believe

the former or the latter?

The Story of How Her Life Became a Poem (pt 1, Abridged)

Her life was not always a poem

it was jampacked

intermittently chaotic

sprinkled with impassioned confetti

fundamentally mundane

absent requisite lyrical calling


words were ever-present allies

in retrospect, truer friends

than some cloaked in the mantle


childhood fantasies

of “I want to be famous” vintage

block printed lists

included grandiose authoring notions


attempts were penciled

plots amateurish laboriously penned

creativity doubted

drafts drifted aside


life became frenetic schedules

doctorate, diapers

career, cheerioed car

driven duty and

harried housewife hairdo


writing ambitions


scattered in whirling dervish



in this quest

for balance

for peace

centered equanimity

she finds herself

a Suessian concoction

ping-pong paddle battle

warring weighted


careening down a rollercoaster

in hyperdrive

on Main Street

stretched full elasticity

desired release

hard-fought internal truce

return backhand

smash of righteous rage

anguish undisclosed

set to score

losing placidity

backspun lob

hurt shorts

grace’s resolution


emotive revolution

dispensing amnesty

rocking ride

plummets passivity

serves a comic/cosmic

thumb-nose to


pedantic authority

she lands

perched precarious

on a plank

in the air

up a tree

how can that be?

I Wanted…

I wanted you to love me

with chasing puppy enthusiasm

tumbling pell-mell

in your haste to be with me


I wanted you to cherish me

beyond winning buzzer beaters

championships victories and

emblems of grief


I wanted you to kiss me

as a life-affirming dementor

expanding our souls

in their communion


I wanted you to hold me

closer than body-plate

armor against fear

shield from calamity


I wanted you to see me

in foibled wholeness

backbending work in progress

pretzeled imperfection


I wanted you to claim me

rooftop proclaim us

more essential than outrage or

musical celebration


perhaps you did…

in ways mistily translucent

that now cling

hauntingly chilling


encroaching invisibility

corroded my soul

rust-encrusting pain

determination painted


I solved it, of course


eviscerated love on impatient

thrusts of my wounded urgency

I proved myself unworthy

terminally unlovable


you are gone

my heart howls madness

at the waning moon

still wanting

Madness Marching

verbs lockstep nouns

adjectives, adverbs pace

abandon drum majored file

columnize tingling brain/feet


phrases inexorably advance

army of garrulous ants

predatory foragers consume

white space and grey matter


metaphors stomp in jackboots

storm Kristallnacht palaces

crash coveted convention

smash sense and nonsense


syllables and syntax entrench

assault peace in barren fields

sacrifice reason in futile quest

in the never-quiet mental front

Onions! not Toilets

stoppered tears doggedly

ignore the invocation

(perfected foil of stoicism)

slicing imperviosity

under pungent crunch


drip instead


hushed rippling into

brisk bristled

resolute productivity


mourning steadfastly

refuses the sullen behest

wrapped in malaise of

(burritoed with mayonnaise??)

shuttered hibernation


asserts misguided supremacy

amidst vernal

solar thronging

loose thread strangling

shimmering birdsong


her tears

like her poems

wax unruly