Firm, tender shoots poke insistently

Thrusting upward, urgent in search of

strength of sun, permeating dank earth


Resolved to burst forth, irrespective

of imminent risk to future blooms.

Hell-bent on beauty, heedless of cost.


In daffodils’ steadfast heavenward

ascent, a reminder bobs and nods:

In warming rays, hope springs eternal.






Every sob leaking

Past fingered-hole dam

Of daughter’s heartbreak

Spilled out

Snotty and incoherent

Midnight and beyond



Percussing the fault-lines

Of her own

Hastily duct-taped

Fractured core


Conjures twin demons

Indestructible power imbued


Grief interminable

Pounding ceaselessly

Through every cell

The good twin


To doppelganger


Perpetual accusatory whisper

Her Epic fail

Authors misery unending


Soul Exam

Soul in stirrups

Grotesquely splayed

Vulnerable inner core

Cruelly displayed


Private parts agape

Poked and prodded

By chance to ascertain

Her soundness.


Is her nucleus infected?


Diseased beyond repair?

Armchair experts diagnose


Cold steel speculum


Comforting teddy bear cuddle

In stark comparison





Lips pierced silent

By the razor wire that contained her.

That threatens,

Ohio February gray perpetual

To once again contain her

By dint of infraction

Real or twisted-patriarchy imagined



Booming resonance of her lived truth

The power to blow back

Encroaching fog of incipient annihilation

Types urgent as impotent

Wind-spitting upon

Beloved house afire



In anonymous verse


Woman Defiled


Man gloried in her body’s pleasures

Basked in warmth, softness gently given

Cavorted freely day and night

Sought wise counsel, patient and balanced

Received expected constant support

Ear and shoulder shared life’s toil and strife

Undying devotion never fits

Impossible standards she falls short

Neither angel nor devil enough

Shell of Herself


Curled ferociously into herself

Protecting vulnerable center

Scuffed whorls hide inner shimmering light


Battered by the buffeting onslaught

Demeaning ebbs and degrading flows

She fights against the swallowing tides


Inswept upon a ravaging wind

Hollowed carcass held gently to heart

Compassion breathed into spiraled soul