Asked, Unanswered

a galaxy of queries

drizzle down her nose

rainbow nigh imperceptibly

beyond sun’s flimsy filterings

responses kaleidoscope

diamond sharp

razor glittering

drop crystalline in place

artistry in perfect pictures

until the slightest shift

hint of flick in the wrist

nod to a blink of eye

rough- hewn or whispered mis-perception

tumble resolutions hurly-burly

burlesque Crayola mish-mash

showering puzzles meteoric

upon shoulders

yoked with perplexity




On (S)mothering, from birds

mama robin’s scolding

bold, protective and persistent

removed, a flight, from nestlings

tweets universal maternal quandary

how close is close enough

supportive and unsmothering

what distance is sufficient

grants independent flight

observant of their liftoff

glides with watchful winging

she warms them from her core

downy with fine-tuned essence

nudges them aloft

despite timid trebling

warbling with temerity

overcoating apprehension

fledglings falter woozily

soar dizzy-heighted, heedless

of foes or feinting hazards

mama maintains her perch

alert and vocal sentry

awaits their safe return

A Footfall Question

come walk with me

on the dunes

could you,

would you dare?

no stroll here

for fainthearted

I am chockfull of resolve

in nearly every weather

bursting with conviction

I toe barely any lines

this excursion a mission

exercise in self-determination

each climb scaled

a peak in confidence

every descent a milestone

I hope you will accompany me

I’d love the company

though my pace

may not proclaim it

I keep on charging onward

while feet slow, sink-sliding

scaling sandy heights

silent crowing on each crown

short of breath

and stubborn-striding

I never pause for long

you may wish to reconsider

if you join me on this trek

my quest may be misguided

or leave us both a wreck

windswept dogged footfalls

falter, stagger on

persistence swells undaunted

in search of hard-fought shores

I am fierce, goal-driven

or are my demons driving

this hardscrabble pursuit

the grit between my teeth

rubbing among my toes

echoes that of spirit

surviving deep travails

I would imagine

you slow, skeptical

of the wisdom of this journey

I can’t blame you

in the least, as I

don’t know how to saunter, yet

I would love your company

if you would walk with me



To Hitchhike on the Moon

she hitched a ride

on a moonbeam

it knocked upon her wishes

in silent shimmering summons

promising exotic adventure

if she but climbed aboard

she acquiesced, instinct akimbo

sung in somnolent nodding

threading wistful fingers

through diaphanous tendrils

she clambered silken

evanescent rungs

woven mythological

and heaved herself on deck

denuded of earthly woes

she floated weight- and effort-less

nestled among silvery strands

traversing sea-studded starscapes

shining in unison

she soaked in heavenly whirlpool

oiled of Astraeal balms

sipping enchanted elixir

dusted with glittering brilliance

she drifted on her moonbeam

wafting o’er Elysium

gathering infusions of stardust

for future potent potions

she absorbed ancient secrets

of all heavenly bodies

draped across her

warm and glistening

ethereally satin sheened

as she fluttered

sated, homeward

she sprinkled cerulean moondust

upon all hearts wounded or sore



Moment by Moment

in the darkest days

she disbelieved

in the possibility of smiles

that future laughs

would shake her ribs

take her breath away

nor would she permit

the notion that she should

break the shackles

binding her to guilt’s

ball and chain

she had doubted

in the potential reconstruction

of a life beyond existence

worthy of enthusiasm

energy or zest

in those days of torment

she had disavowed the promise

thrust at her, in good faith

that bonds torn and frayed

could, in time

with patient perseverance

be re-knit in colors vibrant

incorporating her

where once she was ripped out


today she laughed

spontaneous, authentic

while dancing barefoot in the grass

to son’s retro music mix

today she was true mother

to moments of meltdown

steady at the ready

cherished role returned

in moments interwoven

unmarked, unplanned


she lays a few more bricks

in her own reconstruction


(artist: unknown)

It’s Just Beachy

let’s go for a stroll

on the beach

a seashell hunting wander

rays will toast our shoulders

waves waylay sandy feet

we feel no need for conversation

this sultry afternoon

I hunt rainbows in fragments

shining, in ripples underneath

surf crests unpredictably

while fingers are hungrily hunting

knocks me off my feet

spray drenches face and eyes

you help me aright

eyes crinkled in playful laughter

as another swell ambushes

tugs bikini askew

giggling erupts anew

we’ll hush in solemn study

of sandpipers’ scurry

focused, as my camera

on impressive zig-zag flurry

in dart and dash and scuttle

leave scant footprints

bright breasted memory imprint

we’ll ramble along the shoreline

across the afternoon

drizzled in amber rays

refreshed with blue-limned breezes

as the sun descends

stretching scarlet starbursts

toward horizon

sky and water merge

in pomegranate amethyst finale

we amble home, contented

your pockets overflowing

as our senses, loaded

with collected bits

of priceless treasure




Vacation Introspectered

vacationing with ghosts

packs apprehension in her luggage

specters of years shared

memories made

moments tasted

linger in the back of her throat

as she swallows melancholy

apparitions of her beloved

shadow every room

stroll in tandem

down windy country roads

sunbathe beside her

lakeside, longing

they drift among the hours

lazy and relaxed

haunting lackadaisically

ever-present reminders

of love lost, never forgotten

phantom remembrances

hover, visions evergreen

sunsetting in mauve





water, in its depths

holds mysteries of eons

secreted stories shipwrecked

ages of allegories in algae

yet retains no resentments


trees, branched and leafed

conceal ringing tales

of history and seasons

drought, flood or plenty

yet seal no future fates


birds, feathered emissaries

carry generational geolocation

wing thousands of miles

to nesting grounds unknown

yet fly without animus


in nature’s timeless cycles

survival o’er centuries

bequeaths wisdom unfettered

hearts, though gravely hobbled

soar upward after all


Lake Michigan’s Welcome

waves lap gently

smoothing shoreline

and disquietude

with familiar kisses

swooshing placid rhythms

assiduously soothe

calloused trouble-layers

as sand does weary feet

pensive breezes

flutter nostalgia

in ultramarine waves

refresh fatigued spirits

practiced intimate demonstrations

mimic a long lost lover’s

mollifying caresses

The Emergence

she had languished

nearly submerged


in the skin-pruning depths

of the deepest dank well

clinging with full tenacity

achieving uprightness

in incremental measure

nostrils hovering

barely clearing

oily-scummed surface


in fits and starts

she slithered and clawed

wedging toes

scrabbling fingertips

ignoring the slough of dermis

fighting swamping suck

of shame

that feeds night creatures

from her putrified detritus

quivering in exertion

infinitesimal rising


climb, arduous and wearying

beneath shredded digits

stoned grips dry

slime drips off

truth stretches her limbs

stench thins

diluting its nasal infiltration

above, the rocky lip

backlit tantalizing

beckoning daylight

zenith surfaces, as does she


(image: Wikipedia, artist Jean Leon-Gerome)