Yellow Wink

Boldly emerging amongst deepening green

Smattering of golden yellow heads

Universal springtime assertion

Nature’s resistance to human control

Butter-topped toy for childhood

Innocent playful exuberance

Source of sighs, exasperated

Beseiging lawns, gardens cultivated

Fuel of back-breaking hours

Battling, extracting, removing

Brilliant sun-mirrored reminder

Flourishing in face of

Persistent annihilative efforts

Dandelions wink possibilities.


Visual Snack

Green overlaid, sun-bleached

Freshly mown field

Methodically rectangular lined

Hopping robin dotted

Russet-breasted presences

Conspicuous contrasts

Hungrily yellow-beaked feeding

Mid-morning visual snack

Mail Call

Morning mail call

Highly anticipated event

Postal signal of love and remembrance

Delays cause agitated whispers

Murmuring spread across the room

Anxious speculatory wondering.

Expected missives undelivered

Engender frustration, hurt

Seeds of cancerous concern

Worry the outside world

Marched on, forgot

Left them forsaken & forlorn

Successful deliveries energize

Despite contents, intermittently

Prompting streaming tears or ranting fury.

Bursts of activity ensue

Boastful passing of pictures enclosed

Sharing of exerpts tender or hilarious

Enthusiastic, hesitant or tormented

Responses are drafted

Purposeful passage of time

Postal service delivered.

Call Her on Her Cell

Heart wrenching phone calls

Completed on full display

Fist full of snot drenched tissue balls

Testament to her sobbing dismay

Spent, she seeks solitude

Alone she temporarily retired

Politely, eschewing departure rude

Offers return if presence desired

For sharing snacks or braiding hair

Reminds companions location where

She resides, her corner of hell

They can call her on her cell


Anger, whittled to a lethal rapier

Sucked on, sour apple, or grapes

Furiously focused, feverishly formed

Wielded skillfully as a prison shiv

Tongued of Jolly Rancher

Gooey sharp, welded to pen

Patiently hardened, laboriously layered

Blood oozes from each pointed thrust