Med Time

Rolling raucous laughter recedes

Echoing chaotic cacophony fades

Singly, and in twos

Night meds kick in

Eyes glaze over

Zombies drift off to bed

Sleeping away time.


Yellow Wink

Boldly emerging amongst deepening green

Smattering of golden yellow heads

Universal springtime assertion

Nature’s resistance to human control

Butter-topped toy for childhood

Innocent playful exuberance

Source of sighs, exasperated

Beseiging lawns, gardens cultivated

Fuel of back-breaking hours

Battling, extracting, removing

Brilliant sun-mirrored reminder

Flourishing in face of

Persistent annihilative efforts

Dandelions wink possibilities.

Visual Snack

Green overlaid, sun-bleached

Freshly mown field

Methodically rectangular lined

Hopping robin dotted

Russet-breasted presences

Conspicuous contrasts

Hungrily yellow-beaked feeding

Mid-morning visual snack