Prison Charades

Spastic roommate dons faux nonchalance

Stuffs coat into laundry bag

Pretends a-washing to go

In spontaneous Friday night fashion


Ginger neighbor, choreographing

Tags along, puts voice to the lie

For audience, speaks the pretence

Words tossed, a threadbard cover

Over tension visibly vibrating

Charging their every move


Roommate, laundry bag laden

Hovers antsy in hallway

Poised to dash out the door

While chattering blithely away


Ginger stands, chapstick applying

As if waiting in line for a phone

Vigilant sentry awaiting the sign

Signal the goods are delivered

Coast is sufficiently clear

For mad contraband dash


Between bathroom entry and exit

Booty from yard was retreived

Spastic roomie and ginger are crowding

Bulging laundry bag into neighboring room

While casting furtive glances

Over shoulder and down halls


Coat unwashed

Laundry bag is returned

Dropped in spastic corner

Ginger directs with nod and glance

Good not now to unload

With silent crocheting audience


Silent witness

She will not acknowledge

Charade scripted for her benefit

Tired plot with amateur acting

The only running entertainment

Playing on her floor tonight.

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