She fears she is leaking.

Wisps of her soul seep out,

As tears drip slowly,

Surreptitiously leeching salt

In place of racking sobs begging for release.

Hope hisses out, silently palpable

Crucial air streaming from her tires

With every exhale blowing away repeated indignities.

Faith oozes away, invisible yet pungent

Escape betrayed by acrid residue

Residing on clothes, skin

In each moment exertion keeps panic at bay.

Essence of herself drifts away

In nightmare-etched sighs from sleep-clenched jaws

Sucked from remembrance, existence

By wind tunnel of open cell doorway,

With all vulnerabilities, nakedness, exposed.

Pulling patches from love, phoned home

Scavenging duct tape from friendship, mailed

Collecting band-aids from smiling eyes & lips

She contrives to plug the leaks.

11 thoughts on “Leaking

      1. You’re welcome. It’s a dark feeling, trapped and sad and a little scared, and all the shame and guilt. And all those feelings being slowly replaced by robotic numbness might actually be worse.

        Liked by 1 person

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