I’ve been rummaging

through our graveyard

stirring up dusty ghosts

as I forage

for crumbs of a life

amongst the splintered


they don’t lie still

our bones

they poke me

in my sleep

with their



the jumble

of their burying

jabs me


my hard fought peace

upon shards

of yesterdays

littered with the sooty detritus

of futures

that would have been

should have been

if only

I hadn’t immolated us

I root

disheveled and thirsty

amongst Golgotha’s leavings


on order

promising our remains

they can rest eternally

given a proper burial

I scour the charnel

splitting my fingernails

on the stones

scrabbling a bloodied


I cleanse our skeletons

with endless tears

press them gently

autumnal leaves

vaseline’d in an encyclopedia

capturing all the scarlets

I slither from the necropolis


on my traitorous belly

groveling to Mictecacihuatl

sniveling entreaties

for redemption

our bones


pierce the heaving soil

and my gut




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